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We do not ship products due to carelessness packaging

All products can be purchased in our store.


LiquidsIncl 21% BTWEx BTWBTW
STIPT9 Stipt Real Effective Cleaner 9507817872925€18.95€15.66€3.29
STIPT8 Stipt Interior Matt Cleaner 9507278422820€19.95€16.49€3.46
STIPT7 Stipt Clear Glass 9502783941842€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT4 Stipt Perfect Shampoo 9507959546982€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT12 Stipt Wax Shampoo 9503717819824€16.95€14.02€2.94
STIPT14 Stipt Dirt Foam 9506393743810€17.95€14.88€3.12
STIPT6 Stipt Ceramic Wax 9501264478778€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT10 Stipt Leather Protect 9509115159326€29.95€24.75€5.20
STIPT11 Stipt Plastic Restore 9503311171540€34.95€28.88€6.07
STIPT5 Stipt Anti Insect 9508571662234€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT3 Stipt Tar and Glue Remover 9502512747677€19.95€16.49€3.46
STIPT13 Stipt Iron Remover 9508159491478€19.95€16.49€3.46
STIPT25 Stipt Soft Touch Remover 9110023516073€39.95€33.02€6.93
STIPT22 Stipt Plastic Paint 9507715478748€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT24 Stipt Fabrieksnieuw Aroma 9502877324643€39.95€33.02€6.93
STIPT57 Stipt High Gloss Spray 9507622217713€24.95€20.62€4.33


ToolsIncl 21% BTWEx BTWBTW
STIPT26 Stipt 2K Coating 9110023516097€39.95€33.02€6.93
STIPT21 Stipt Soft Top Cleaner 9504554728249 9507278422820€19.95€16.49€3.46
STIPT20 Stipt Soft Top Protect 9501248842540€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT29 Stipt Dry Towel 9501438512987€12.95€10.70€2.25
STIPT28 Stipt Dry Towel XXL 9505787112355€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT42 Stipt Wool Mitt 9506558387934€29.95€24.75€5.20
STIPT44 Stipt Anti Insect Wool Mitt 9508522997798€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT37 Stipt Multi Cloth 9503491323937€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT31 Stipt Wash Glove 9503871627211€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT30 Stipt Wash Sponge 9505425171515€7.95€6.57€1.38
STIPT32 Stipt Wash Pad 9505775577227€9.95€8.22€1.73
STIPT36 Stipt Wheel Brush 9509664124233€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT27 Stipt 3D Clay Towel 9506861721388€29.95€24.75€5.20
STIPT35 Stipt Multi Detail Brush 9508295916248€9.95€8.22€1.73
STIPT43 Stipt Dog Hair Brush 9506279643654€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT34 Stipt Cleaning Brush 9506645987375€9.95€8.22€1.72
STIPT33 Stipt Detail Brushes 9504377653872€9.95€8.22€1.72


PolishIncl 21% BTWEx BTWBTW
STIPT15 Stipt Mini Dual Action Totaal 9503129514256€229.95€190.04€39.91
STIPT18 Stipt Dual Action machine 9502851834410  9507278422820€299.95€247.83€52.06
STIPT17 Stipt Rotary Polisher 9502434438776€299.95€247.83€52.06
STIPT16 Stipt Nano Polisher 9504124375965€329.95€272.96€57.26
STIPT23 Stipt Lakdiktemeter 9508133559675€229.95€190.04€39.91
STIPT58 Stipt Hot Air Gun 9502363898160€49.95€41.28€8.67
STIPT19 Stipt Foam Cannon 9508938562993€59.95€49.55€10.40
STIPT55 Stipt Car Cover 9507837899681€199.95€165.25€34.70
STIPT41 Stipt Polish Pad Soft 9507494288637€13.95€11.53€2.42
STIPT40 Stipt Polish Pad Extreme 9505847614225€13.95€11.53€2.42
STIPT45 Mini Dual Action Pad Soft (75mm) 9508842992213€8.95€7.40€1.55
STIPT46 Mini Dual Action Pad Medium (75mm) 9505956514157€8.95€7.40€1.55
STIPT47 Mini Dual Action Pad Hard (75mm) 9506998695996€8.95€7.40€1.55
STIPT48 Dual Action Pad Soft 9503545726714€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT49 Dual Action Pad Medium 9501315985743€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT50 Dual Action Pad Hard 9502311899799€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT39 Stipt 80mm Pad 9501618722618€8.95€7.40€1.55
STIPT38 Stipt Polish Cone 9504222177928€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT1 Stipt Grit Bucket 20L 9503764946788€29.95€24.75€5.20
STIPT2 Stipt Grit Bucket 12L 9501679296837€19.95€16.49€3.46
STIPT56 Stipt Extension bar 9501785177969€14.95€12.36€2.59
STIPT59 Stipt Polish Paste Soft 9509283495660€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT60 Stipt Polish Paste Medium 9506412481273€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT61 Stipt Polish Paste Hard 9505784853275€24.95€20.62€4.33
STIPT62 Stipt Ultra Paint Protect Pro Line 9507319129855€34.95€28.88€6.07


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